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Last Meeting

The last SATCS meeting was held in December at SA Power Networks on Anzac Highway. It was the last meeting for 2017 and included a BBQ to help celebrate a great year.

Next Meeting

The next SATCS meeting will be held at SA Power Networks on Anzac Highway. It will be held on February 10th 2018 at 13:30. The theme for the meeting is insulators.


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Adelaide Central is the WEB site of the South Australian Telephone Collectors Society Inc. (SATCS).

The SATCS aims to promote the study of, to record and to collect all aspects of our communications heritage. Our members' interests range from restoring early wooden sets to the preservation of electro-mechanical exchanges and the creation of computer controlled exchanges so that restored equipment may be connected across the Internet and used much as it was in the past. Pay telephones, telephone boxes and railway telephones are all part of the mix. Members come from all walks of life and share a common passion for our communications heritage.

The SATCS meets monthly so the members can catch up in a social environment. The meetings generally include an auction, a raffle, afternoon tea and plenty of opportunity to chat. The SATCS is a member of the STAA so each SATCS member receives the bi-monthly journal The Exchange in addition to the SATCS Journal, Adelaide Central. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SATCS or just visiting, telephone or email anyone on the list of contacts – you are most welcome.

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The telephone history and collecting community in Australasia is represented by the Sound and Telecommunications Association Australasia Inc. (STAA.)

There are other associated clubs in New South Wales (ATCS (NSW)), Queensland (ATCS (Qld)), Victoria (AHTS) and Western Australia (WAHTS).


The SATCS publishes a monthly journal called Adelaide Central that records the Society’s activities and provides notification of upcoming events. If you would like to subscribe to Adelaide Central, just fill out the membership application form.

The STAA publishes a bi-monthly journal called The Exchange. It features educational, historical, technical and restoration “how to” articles.

Members of the SATCS receive both journals as part of their membership.