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The Journal of the South Australian Telephone Collectors Society Inc.

A Snapshot of Our Last meeting

September 2017

Our last meeting was held at the Sir Thomas Playford ETSA Museum - perhaps for the last time. Our normal venu is almost ready four our return - stay tuned.

In addition to the usual auction (which was unusually large) raffle and telephone talk, we celebrated the local groups 10th birthday with a BBQ!

Honorary cook Costa Manouras did an outstanding job!


Geoff King (left) being awarded an honourary life membership to the South Australian Telephone Collector’s Society Inc. for his contribution over the years to furthering the aims of the association. Congratulations Geoff - a well deserved award!


Rob Olding received an award for the best interactive display at the Burra Telephone Show. Rob was pleased to have been able to provide the display and was very happy at the response it received from visitors.


George Psorakis brought in two Ericofons with unusual dials. One was from Sweden (the home of the Ericofon) with their unusual dial numbering. The other was an Australian trial telephone with a lettered dial. Ericofons with lettered dials were not officially used by the PMG. ‘Eagle eye’ George picked it up at a club auction without anyone realising its significance.