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The Journal of the South Australian Telephone Collectors Society Inc.


The STAA WEB site is now running.

It needs more content and more information about the STAA and each of the member associations. That includes us, the SATCS. Our committee will need to draft a suitable “about us” section for the national site.


STAA Editor Resigns

Jack O’Brien, the Editor of the STAA Journal The Exchange has resigned at short notice citing an inability to work with one section of the telephone collecting community. In Jack's words:

“What did it was the lack of support – in particular, the lack of article contributions; the determined resistance to any change that might my life as editor a little easier to fit in with family and work commitments; and the constant negative criticism. Mostly from the same quarter.”

“The history and collection of telephones is a hobby and I was happy to volunteer my time for the group as editor and committee member. If the group is not happy with that, best I resign and make space for a more satisfactory candidate.”

“I enjoyed my time as Editor and met some very generous and supportive individuals.”

A replacement editor will no doubt be the subject of the next STAA committee meeting.

STAA Progress

Feedback From The Committee

As members of the STAA committee, George Psorakis (President) and Jack O’Brien (Editor) both represent the SATCS and report back on the progress of committee meetings. To that end, here is a summary of recent discussions.

Mission Statement (Aim)

A draft mission statement has been proposed:

The Aim of the STAA is to support its member associations by providing infrastructure, resources and services so that they may fulfil their own stated aims and to promote communications between its members so that a knowledge of the history of telecommunications and sound reaches the widest possible audience.

Structure of the STAA

The STAA is to be a federal association (a registered Australian body) whose members are the existing telephone clubs. The STAA does not have individual members.

Membership Fees

Each club retains its own members and a fee per member is paid to the STAA to cover services provided such as the Journal and insurance. As was stated in the last edition of The Exchange, a two tiered fee structure will be available - one that includes a printed copy of The Exchange and one that includes an electronic copy. The “electronic membership” will be cheaper because there is no printing or postage cost.


A draft constitution has been produced. Once the committee is happy with it, it will be made available to the general membership for review and comment. Once everyone is happy with the constitution, formal registration of the STAA will begin.

To Come

There is plenty to do yet but one significant issue is membership recruitment. There is a lot of talk about aging members and the demise of telephone collecting but in my view such talk is a self fulfilling prophecy. There are telephone collectors on Facebook and other social media platforms - we need to reach out and accept that some of them collect iPhones.