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The Journal of the South Australian Telephone Collectors Society Inc.

President's Report

We have had two get-togethers since my last report. Firstly we had our monthly meeting at S.A. Power Networks on the 11th November with another successful auction. A thank you to all who search their collection - sheds - home for items that they no longer need and put them in the club auction to recoup some money (to buy more items?) Thank you also to those members who buy auction items. The theme for that meeting was switchboards and switches and I brought in a fully working step by step system that John Newgrain explained the workings of. He went through the workings of the group and final selectors, power supply, ring and tone generators (electronic in this situation) and relays. Members could follow the movement of selectors as a number was dialled from one of the phones hooked up to the system.

Our Annual Christmas luncheon was held on Saturday the 25th November at the Albion Hotel on Churchill road. It was pleasing to hear from many members that they enjoyed the occasion. Father Christmas (aka Ted Newton) rewarded members and partners with various gifts. Thank you to Ted Newton for taking on Santa’s role, Rick Unwin for some of the gifts and Geoff King for overseeing the event.

I take this opportunity to thank all members for all the help they gave me and the club throughout the year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you on Saturday.

George Psorakis
President, SATCS
Phone: 08 84101111 (W), 08 83621191 (H), 0418 826497 (M)
Postal: PO Box 152 Kent Town SA 5071


Editor's Thoughts

December already – time is moving fast – the final meeting of the year is upon us.

At this time of the year the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society ( holds their annual “buy and sell” at the Goodwood Community Centre. As usual I went along but this time I met some fellow SATCS members – Tony Bell and Peter Lane! I’ve been looking for a 6 Metre all mode transceiver for some time but missed out again on this occasion. It was only when I had left that I realised I had accidentally bought another HF transceiver; I have the same trouble with Geelong phones! How is this connected to telephones? I bought a phone patch on eBay!

The Christmas lunch was great. The organisers, Geoff and George, did a great job and even managed to get Father Christmas to attend! Thanks guys and thanks to Father Christmas too.

We haven’t had Christmas yet so it’s a bit early for New Year’s resolutions but while I’m here I’ll consider some options.

Our WEB site:

Our WEB site needs a new home page. It has to be something that grabs the attention of anyone who drops in and encourages them to explore further. Do you have any ideas?

Our Facebook page:

I recently created this page and despite the fact that as yet it has no content, people are finding it. I hope to have someone keeping the page up-to-date very soon now as this is one platform where we might engage with the next generation(s) of telephone collectors.

Our social media presence:

I would like to establish a Facebook (and perhaps Twitter) presence for the club. Like the Facebook page, this is a platform where we might engage with the next generation(s) of telephone collectors and hopefully attract more members.

The Exchange:

As you will all know by now, I resigned as the editor of The Exchange. I still, however, have strong views about the function of the Journal, its content and delivery. I think if we all sit back and do nothing it will become a newsletter optimised for low cost production and delivery. Not the masthead of the Australian collector community and platform for information sharing that it must be.

Enough of that for the moment. In the meantime, enjoy the Christmas season, be safe and I’ll see you at the last meeting of the year!

Jack O'Brien
Editor, Adelaide Central